Comic World Help?

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#1 cadetheidi on 4 years ago

For anyone who has successfully navigated Comic World in Seoul or Busan, any tips to share?

I've been wanting to attend a Korean convention for a couple years now, and in October 2015 I'm finally making it happen!

(Now, the gamble lies in trying to be in Korea during either monthly/bi-monthly held events while I'm there but that's another story.)

I guess 2 main questions:

[B]1. How to register to cosplay (because apparently that's a thing)
2. Are day passes purchased at the door only?

There just seems to be so little English guides available, from the main site and previous attendants.

Thank you in advance!!!!

#2 pinapplegum on 4 years ago

I don't know much about the pre-registration process... it involves buying tickets at specific stores.
However, you can just go to the convention and buy your ticket there - it'll be about $4!
There's a SUPER long line for those entering Comic World who are not cosplayers. The cosplay line is short, but you'll have to show the people at the door that you actually have a costume in your luggage. THEN there's the long line to get into the dressing room after you fill out a cosplayer's form and pay a small cosplay fee (500won).

#3 Starwind720 on 2 years ago

Hello, im recently new here in South Korea. Im here here until November. Ive went to my first comic world in December and didnt cosplay because i figured its way different than back in the states. I also heard about the registration process of cosplaying. Going to the event tomorrow and most likely wont cosplay again because of this. Dont want to upset the staff. I went to website as well, only to know when the next events are scheduled. Any advice and pointers? Be great.