Prereg lines?

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#1 Houkakyou on 3 years ago

I'll be going for the first time and I'm wondering how long the preregistration lines get on Friday morning. I'm scheduling photoshoots and I'd like to know how much time to give myself to get a badge!

(and also - how much of the con and photoshoot locations require a badge to get into? is it just the programming areas and dealers/artists alleys?)

#2 loz64 on 3 years ago

I have arrived at the hotel on a Friday morning and the line is not as bad as Katsucon (where I waited 4+ hours) but I would anticipate at least 2-3 hours of waiting time. If you could get your badge on Thursday evening that would be better since the line is usually non-existant when they get all set up.

As far as I know they only check for badges at each panel and the dealer's/gaming/artist halls, where you're not even allowed to take photos anyway.

#3 Mykotsen on 3 years ago

Last year the pre-reg line on Thursday was worse than it was on Friday but it was /nothing/ compared to Katsu or Otakon. We waited for maybe an hour and a half-two hours? But we got there late.
When we went down on Friday early morning at around 9am it was even less of a line. The regular registration only took us 40 minutes and the pre-reg was going faster than the night before.

#4 eBay Sniper on 3 years ago

Hmmm. Maybe I'm being blind, but I can't find anything on AUSA's website talking of a Thursday night badge pickup. I'd be all over that, especially since I work in DC, I could do that right after work.

#5 EimiJ7 on 3 years ago

I can't find anything on the website about badge pickup times this year either, but someone asked a question on their facebook page and it looks like on Thursday it will be 8pm-12am.

#6 eBay Sniper on 3 years ago

Awesome, thank you!