Nora Cerberus

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#1 ViperMara on 3 years ago

I'm wanting to do a fur cosplay for the Nora Cerberus form and tho im new im fairly artistic but im wondering a few ways to do some of the stuff.... number one i wanna do digigrade but i do have big feet (size 15 :drunk:).... so would it be better to make something like stilts for this or just do foam padding and build around a pair of shoes.

secondly is his two snake tails.... i was thinking of making a larger scale of this for it [URL=""][/URL] but as of right now im unsure how to make one (Im gunna have to buy one and kinda take it apart) im open to suggestions on how else i can do this

and im kinda looking for someone to make the head for me as im not very good with it (have a few failed attempts with it) with a moving jaw if possible other then that im willing to fur it myself

finally any other tips would be handy