Ciel Photoshoot Critique

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#1 chloetheprussia on 5 years ago

Hi there! I took some photos on my not so good camera of my friends Ciel cosplay. If someone could tell me if they are good or bad please let me know. I'm getting the Canon EOS M for my Christmas and these photos were taken with my Nikon camera that I can't remember the full name of, but its about 2 years old.
I have slightly photoshopped these, the lighting isn't very good in Scotland so the lighting is altered, and I had to blur a car out of the background in the first one. Where we live there's a lack of greenspace, and we didn't have enough time to go to the park, so please excuse the roads.
We took lot's more, but some of them were blurry, or the pose wasn't right. I actually took quite a good one, but she forgot to put her Pocky down and I doubt Ciel would eat Pocky xD.
So I guess I'm kind of rambling on, but all criticism is welcome, and as are any questions!
When I'm older, I'd love to be a professional cosplay photographer, so this is the beginning of all the practice I'll need!
Thank you for clicking on this thread and I hope you like the photos! I will post more to the thread if I take any more/ find any more relatively good ones on my little camera :)


#2 brucer007 on 5 years ago

The location and the colors are nice. The lighting on Ciel is beautiful, as it creates flattering shadows that show texture and dimension to the costume.

I like, and I do tilted shots, but it depends on how it is used. I think the tilt is not used to good effect here. It makes Ciel look like he is about to fall. Less, or tilt might work better.

I like to to see faces most of the time, unless the subject is walking away, or standing with his back to the camera. It would be more interesting to, at least see an outline of his cheek, and nose.

Cropping just below the knees is awkward. You might as well show the shoes too.

The space behind him, is a bit too much. Moving him to the left would be a more interesting composition. Seeing only a small part of the car is distracting. Either crop it out, or retouch it away using the Clone Tool in Photo Shop. The box of Pocky is also something to get rid of.

#3 Tigerpaws on 4 years ago

First thing, never blame the situation you are in. I am sure the lighting in all of Scotland isn't bad because I live in Seattle and our weather is the same. I rather enjoy shooting outdoors here. So find a way to work with the natural light you have and figure out how to best utilize it, or use alternative lighting sources to enhance your images. You can use flash, a bounce (like a reflector) or even just a hot light.

I would have had the model look a little bit more towards you to see just a bit of their face. It's hard to engage with an image where you can't see any of the face.

I do like the bend of the road and the lines coming towards your friend. The light also looks beautiful. In post production I would go and add some contrast as the whole thing is a little flat.

Good start! I would love to see more :)