Hamilton, NJ con-goers?

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#1 Tricky13 on 5 years ago

Hi Fellow Cosplaying Friends

So this is the 1st time I am going to NYC comic con alone and I am a bit nervous/scared/lonely. Is anyone from NJ taking the train up from the Hamilton station? I have seen other cosplayers at that station before but I am really shy and awkward around people and I'm really scared if I asked to maybe sit with them that they'd say 'oh we're friends and we just wanna sit together alone' :o
Would anyone mind to sit together on the train?
Or, if you are a fellow solitary con-goer and you'd like to hang out at NYCC?
I'd really like to meet and make some new friends :)

#2 jerseydudee on 5 years ago

Heyyooo Tricky, so first off congratulations on your first nycc, you'll love it! It's fun on a bun in the sun. And second if the train from hamilition stops at newark penn station, I'll totally ride the train with you from there to nyc. Are you going to cosplay?

#3 Saltpeter on 5 years ago

I am a solitary con-goer and would like to hang out! :o

I'm driving there from Brooklyn, so I won't be anywhere near public transport, but we could find us at Javitz.

#4 DesertViper37 on 5 years ago

I'm taking the bus.

#5 jerseydudee on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=DesertViper37;4921303]I'm taking the bus.[/QUOTE]

My dark lord, may i ask why you don't ride your dark steed? Surely it is far faster then a public transportation machine.

#6 division-ten on 5 years ago

Taking the train from Newark, but going kinda early. If you see s girl in a black trench coat, a blue hat with a Players Pin affixed, and way too much luggage, you foind me. I'm not wearing my costume to the con, changing there.

#7 Tricky13 on 5 years ago

Hi Again!
So yes, I am going to cosplay, but my costume is quite large so I'll probably change there like division-ten said. I also am going to have way too much luggage with me ^^
I think the train does stop at newark penn station (in the past trips up to NYC, I usually am talking with my friends so much I don't notice the stops that much).
I will probably be in those big, open carts that are for handicapped or bikes (they have benches by the windows but not full-on seats with aisles). Just because my costume is quite big and I don't want to block aisles or hog more then one seat.
I will be the one with the black ski cap and the huge green duffel on my back :)

#8 hack_benjamin22 on 5 years ago

There will be lots of people in costume on that train. Especially as it gets closer to NYC. I've met some noice people on the train. Just go up and say hi. ask if they are on their way to NYCC. Usually that will start a conversation. It is absolutely okay to ask to sit with people on the train.

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