Dragon Age: Help with an elven dress?

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#1 lambofdawn on 4 years ago

Hi there. I'm trying to get together a cosplay from Dragon Age 2, but I'm absolutely horrid at finding and/or making patterns. If I have a pattern or even a general idea of what I need to be doing, my sewing skills are often adequate enough to complete the costume.

I'm wanting to create the dress on the left in this link.

I know how to make the very bottom skirt in this, but the rest of it is completely confusing to me. Any notes or help would be greatly appreciated.

#2 kiyo-chan on 4 years ago

A lot of this looks like layering, which means you've got what looks like... four layers and a belt. THe first is simple; just a basic skirt in a striped fabric.
After that it looks like you've got what seems to be a sort of muslin wrap around skirt, which could be made very simply by finding a wrap sarong style pattern and going from there? Even taking a half circle shape and doing some tests with spare fabric will help to create that shape.

From there it seems to be a dress, which could be either one or two piece. There's the top skirt, which again is just a half circle piece of fabric, and then the top which is a very particularly styled bodice.
I honestly wouldn't know much about where to begin for that, and would recommend finding a shirt pattern with the same neckline, and perhaps adjust the sleeves of it to make that shape?
Then the last is something I think you could do easily with a pattern for a button up blouse, or something similar. Just don't add the buttons, and adjust the neckline to create the scoop that the design has.

After that it just looks like a belt, which I would think is very easy to make? It's just about finding the right fabric, lining it with a strong interfacing to get that thick appearance to it, and then wrapping a teal fabric around it to finish the appearance.

I apologize if this wasn't much good advice, but if I get a reply to this I'll try to add as much help as I can!

#3 lambofdawn on 4 years ago

This actually does help a lot, thanks! Like I said, I had absolutely no clue where to even start with this. Once I get the fabrics and things together I'll post back here with how it's going.

#4 kiyo-chan on 4 years ago

Fantastic! So glad I could help!

#5 MidnightMinx90 on 4 years ago

Maker, this made me REALLY happy to see, because I'm planning to make that outfit as well but, same as you, had no idea as to how to go about it except the inner/bottom skirt(s).

Also, I think of the darkest brown part as a long vest, so when I finally get around to it (currently too busy making Sera by April 10th) I'll base that on a vest pattern if I find something similar enough.

Best of luck to you on this! I'll make sure to check in to see your progress =)

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