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#1 AnimeGoth212 on 4 years ago

Hi there! I'm planning on making [URL="http://z.mhcdn.net/store/manga/971/02-009.0/compressed/hvampire_kisses_ch009.vampire_kisses_vol02_p114.jpg?v=11276551541"]this[/URL] dress from the manga Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives, and I'm running into some issues design-wise. I have the basic concept and most of the details planned out, but the straps somewhat confuse me. The dress is two parts: an underbust corset-type piece with a pleated skirt attached and zipper embellishments, and a ripped long sleeve shirt. The straps attach to the midsection of the corset part just under the arms, and cross in the back (as seen [URL="http://z.mhcdn.net/store/manga/971/02-009.0/compressed/hvampire_kisses_ch009.vampire_kisses_vol02_p119.jpg?v=11276551541"]here[/URL] at the bottom of the panel). Because of the way the straps are as well as the very fitted top of the dress, I'm not sure how I would be able to get into it, considering that a zipper in the back doesn't seem to work design-wise. I was thinking of maybe using hook and eye closures on the back of the straps so that they are removable in the back, which would mean that a zipper could be put in. Let me know what you think! Thank you!
P.S. It may be hard to see where the dress ends and the shirt begins due to the heavy shading, but these are the best pictures I have.

Final ref picture: [URL="http://z.mhcdn.net/store/manga/971/02-009.0/compressed/hvampire_kisses_ch009.vampire_kisses_vol02_p123.jpg?v=11276551541"]here.[/URL]

#2 Chiasmus on 4 years ago

Perhaps my brain is oversimplifying this, but it seems to me that the straps would be separate and self-supporting.
Imagine, if you will, a belt with no opening or clasp, just one giant continuous circle of belt. You twist it into a figure 8, slip your arms through the loops of your figure 8 as you would put on a backpack, do some straightening, and voila! Instant strap/cross-shoulder thingy majig! You would have to wriggle out at the end of the day, though.
That's how I would approach it, anyways.
P.S., tested this theory out with a scarf and it works. Do not use an actual belt, however, because there's not enough length to them and you will look like an idiot with t-rex arms like I did.

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