Blood Blockade Battlefront cosplay

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#1 Hoshi26 on 4 years ago

I have my heart set on cosplaying from this AMAZING show, most likely Leo, since he's adorable. Anyone else excited to cosplay?

#2 MelodyK on 4 years ago

I also have my heart set on this show. It's just so much fun... I haven't decided who I'd cosplay though. Probably wait until I get my group into it. XD

#3 Yuki Hitsugaya on 4 years ago

I'm excited! ^ ^ I'm probably gonna cosplay Leo because the outfit is pretty easy. Not sure what I'm gonna do about his eyes though...

#4 Gothic Ninja on 4 years ago

Only hearing good things about this show. It's on my "to watch" list (which is getting longer and longer).
Would be good for a cosplay too. I have a lot of the things already without even knowing about the show.