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#1 Procrast n' Go on 4 years ago

So....My question is this... Who all is going to Japan Expo 2015? This will be my first time going to Japan Expo in Paris and I was curious as to what to expect! Stories, experiences, do's and don'ts...lay it all out in this thread!

#2 Ashurachan on 4 years ago

No French people to speak of on this forum except me I think :p

I've been attending Japan Expo for a long time, so here are a few tips :

- A standard ticket doesn't allow for re-entry, so come prepared if you don't have a premium/press/exhibitor badge. If you can grab a ticket before coming do it because on-site tickets start entering one hour later.
- food inside the con is very expensive, even for the French standard. So if you're on a budget you might want to come with your own food + something to drink (it's pretty hot inside the halls). If you don't mind the price, try to avoid lunch hours (11 AM - 2 PM) because waiting lines at food stands can be very long around this time.
- grab a plan and schedule when you come in ! these come in handy since the con is huge and there are tons of things to do :)
- prepare your schedule beforehand if you can. Tons of info on the official site for this, but the ful schedule is generally only up just a week or so before the con.
- the con itself covers two huge halls, plus the hall hosting the main stage and concert stage at the back. The two main halls are divided in more or less thematic spaces, with other smaller stages scattered here and there (last year there were something like 10 of them, including some that were independant from the Japan Expo staff, like the Wabi Sabi stage dedicated to traditionnal culture, and that are not included in the JE schedule). Like I said, tons of things to see and do, plus booths everywhere :)
- cosplayers generally gather around the dedicated stage, but cosplay contests/masquerades like the ECG are held on the main stage, and you'll want to see at least one :) But be careful to arrive well in advance, especially for the ECG (the ECG main contest is a _wonderful_ show and I highly recommend seeing it if you can, if you don't know what sort of thing to expect you can go to their Youtube channel, all entries are put there in high quality).
- if you're at a nearby hotel, you can change there, but if you're any further there are changing rooms inside the con ^^. If you're in a contest the changing rooms are guarded, but the free ones are not so you may need to use the cloackroom (it costs 2 euros for one bag for the day, be it a small one or a huge suitcase).

Mh that's kinda what comes to my mind without any specific questions :) If you have any more I'll gladly answer ^^

#3 Procrast n' Go on 4 years ago

Thanks Ashurachan! That was much more information than I was expecting and it'll be taken to mind! I do plan on bringing drinks but buying my food inside. Also, not sure what kind of budget I will maintain but I plan on bringing enough to get me by for the full 4 days.
I am excited to see the ECG show and haven't actually taken the time to plan out what I will be doing each day yet (procrastination is my curse). I will be staying at the Premiere Classe Le Blanc Mesnil with a friend which is less than 3 miles away so will probably get dressed at the event! Once again thanks for all the awesome information, it really helps my planning!

#4 KFR-SpiRiT on 4 years ago

Hello !

I'm french and it was the thrid time i went to Japan Expo. Like every years, i take a lot of pics of cosplay !
I'm here for 2 reasons :
-> Share all of the Cosplay i saw because i think all of them deserve it
-> Find who are the Cosplayers

I don't always know who is under the cosplay so i would like to know if you could help me to find them !
Procrast n' Go : i suppose i have a photo of you (because i recognzie your avatar :p )

Take this way ! : [url]https://www.facebook.com/stv.world/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums[/url]

Thanks !

Hope you will enjoy it !

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