21+ at Anime Boston

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#1 FearTheAsian117 on 4 years ago

Yo! Was wondering who else is 21+ and going to Anime Boston! There was a thread in Katsucon and thought it was a good idea. So yeah, who else is 21+ :D?


#2 Royalbakaness on 4 years ago

Twenty-six here. My friend whom I go with is thirty-six

#3 TMLiza on 4 years ago

I'll be 23 by the time AB rolls around. :)

#4 ChidoriLove89 on 4 years ago

25 here!! ^.^

#5 mara227 on 4 years ago

21 !!! :3

#6 FearTheAsian117 on 4 years ago

Awesome! Well if anyone ever wants to chill or have a quick drink, feel free to hit me up!


#7 Cucumber on 4 years ago


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