Steven Universe Cosplay Photoshoot

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#1 kriscastle on 4 years ago

Hey all! Didn't see one for SU yet, so I thought I'd get an early start and take on the role of organizer for this thing.


Saturday July 6th at 2pm, in the park plaza! :) I'll add updates and photos to the FB page as it gets closer, but I wanted to solidify a time and date that way it's easier for people to work around and really get their schedules set in case they want to make it to this.

All Steven universe cosplayers welcomed! Post your progress shots, or your existing cosplays! Get pumped!

Thanks for looking! :heart:

#2 mirima on 4 years ago

Awesome! I'll be there. I'm cosplaying Peridot, and my friends are going as Garnet and Pearl. Hopefully we'll have plenty of different cosplayers and people there so we can take some great photos! Thanks for setting this up. <3