No.6 cosplay

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#1 yurilavender on 5 years ago


So I'm planning as cosplaying Shion from the No.6 anime/manga during a cosplay convention. But the weather in Southern California is so hot! (And I haven't had luck in finding a good enough coat that is similar anyway and affordable).
Do you guys think I'll still be recognized as the character without the coat?
I'll wear the blue cardigan at least, but if it's still too warm, then I'll have to take it off. Which that may be the case. Maybe I should carry a mouse plushy?

Also, I have wig that I may be able to use. But it is white grey-ish color, although it comes out white in the photos. Would that still be okay? Perhaps I'm just worrying too much.
I don't have photos of the cosplay in progress yet, but I'll post one on the character meanwhile: