FanExpo'14 recaps!

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#1 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 4 years ago

Share what you Loved, Hate, or Missed out one. lol

I miss the south building completely. In particular would have loved to seen the Box Trolls and the Capital Chair (Hunger Games). Love to taken a photo in the Chair as Maddie. :3

Missed Matt Smith Friday panel but a custom let me know the line up to get in was at compactly so I didn't bother attempting it. (also in the middle of styling a wig).

Went to the Muscle/BodySuit panel. (Totally Worth it!)

Got to see Elijah Wood panel Sunday.

Also saw myself in The FanExpo buzz reel they put together for the Saturday (Day 3) in room 105. I wish they post them online as well! They where well executed.