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#1 The_Chibi on 4 years ago

Hey all!

I've never been to Anime Fest before, but might be interested in attending this year. Since they don't have any of the programming listed on the website yet for 2015, was wondering in the past if they usually have any anime karaoke or singing competitions of some sort?

Also do they usually have DDR or DDR competitions? If so, do they bring in actual arcade machines or just home pads? I really like DDR and have been let down for the past 3 years at SGC where they didn't have any DDR to speak of, so was wondering if they usually have some at this convention so I can get my fix.

Any hall costume contest or is it only a giant one on the main stage?

Let me know if there's anything else I should know about AnimeFest before preregistering. I've only been to San Japan and SGC lately, but a long time ago I attended A-kon so I have been to bigger conventions before. Thanks!

#2 ThakYuki on 4 years ago

Anime Fest has had what's labeled as Anime Idol hosted by Mu Epsilon Kappa (MEK) the past few years. ChibiBritt will post once they've been confirmed for programming with additional details. I know there's been generic karaoke in the panel rooms in the past, but I'm not sure if it will be around this year.

I don't follow the gaming things, so I do not know if there is DDR.

As for cosplay, Anime Fest has split the two competitions apart. There is the walk-on (not exactly a hall costume) usually on Friday night, where you walk across the stage and pose in your costume. The skits portion is usually Sunday night, and consists entirely of skits.

As for other things, Afest has a 24-hr video rooms starting around noon on Friday going through about 3pm Monday afternoon. The past two years there have been 4 video rooms, all running the full 24 hours.

#3 The_Chibi on 4 years ago

Thanks for the info! :) That's odd, never been to a con that had the walk-ons and skips on different nights! Interesting...but walk-ons are still terrifying. I've only managed to do them at SGC which has a very small audience compared to other cons. >_<,

#4 ThakYuki on 4 years ago

Since Afest is a 4-day convention, they decided to try the cosplay competitions on different nights. Many people were wanting the competitions at different times so that they could do a walk on in one costume, and a skit in another.

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