Disability rights

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#1 Deracine on 3 years ago

Both me and my mom have special needs. My mom has to use a wheelchair for her own, and it's really hard for her to wait in long lines as well. For me, I can't stand for long periods of time, and I also get overwhelmed by the lines. However, the manager of the convention refuses to do ANYTHING to help even my mom with her being in a wheelchair. I find it's much easier if I don't have to go through a meltdown and accidentally posing a threat to others or having my mom run over people in line.

Also, don't give me that crap about how I shouldn't go. That is absolute crap to me because I deserve every right to attend just like others do.

Anyway, what I want to know is whether he's being discriminatory or not. Because to me, I feel a lot like that's the case here. I feel as though he can do more, but he's choosing not to for stupid reasons. I've tried everything I can to get some advice on what to do here. i've even tried the doctor's not trick, and he STILL ignores it.

What should I do to make sure he can give me the disability rights both my mom and I deserve?

#2 Otaku Gunso on 3 years ago

He's being discriminatory because like you said everyone should be able to go whether they have a disability or not. Every convention usually has some kinda accommodations for the disabled. Did you report it? If that don't work then its probably time to find a new con. Sometimes you have slimy people at the con regardless of complaints or not -.-

#3 CS3 on 3 years ago

If you're referring to the badge pickup line then yes you should be given priority or special accommodations. In fact I've been to a lot of different conventions (including a few in AZ like Saboten) and those others have specific badge pickup lines for those with disabilities. Even some programming events like the concerts give priority seating. What kind of reasonable accommodations were you asking for? What did the convention do or not do to make those reasonable accommodations accessible to you? You could lodge a complaint against them with ADA. The best thing in my opinion is for the convention's parent company to issue an apology and refund your badges. Just work your way up their chain of command until you get their attention.

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