where to buy thin EVA foam

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#1 unicorn19960802 on 3 years ago

Hi guys I am new to Melbourne. Any ideas where can I get a thin eva foam board. I have tried to look them at bunnings but they are too thick. Anyone can help me? 4-5mm thick will be great to use :)

#2 lemuries on 3 years ago

Does [URL="https://www.eckersleys.com.au/products/art/boards/foamboard"]this store[/URL] have what you're looking for?

#3 unicorn19960802 on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=lemuries;4995948]Does [URL="https://www.eckersleys.com.au/products/art/boards/foamboard"]this store[/URL] have what you're looking for?[/QUOTE]

:( No, this shop only sells core foam board, not the type I want. Thank you for your kind reply.

#4 Herring on 3 years ago

Is there a Clark Rubber near you?
Wont make any claims about prices but my local has EVA in something like 3,6,12mm and up from there.
That was a while ago that I looked but if I remember right they had 'full sheets' of at least 1m square and of course can cut smaller bits for you.

#5 Baix on 3 years ago

Clark Rubber should sell the foam, just go in and ask them, I think they usually sell it in Blue or Black

All the stuff you need to seal it you can pretty much find at Bunnings warehouse

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