Pokemon Gathering?

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#1 ashi ketchum on 5 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone is perhaps having a Pokemon gathering? I know the cosplay.com forums for SDCC unfortunately tend to be a little bare, but with so much cosplay there, I'm surprised there isn't more activity on here! I'm currently finishing up a Sylveon gijinka for SDCC myself.

Unfortunately, I don't personally have the time to organize a proper one, but if anyone is taking the reigns or even just doing a Pokemon cosplay, it would be good to know! Even if there's no meet-up, it's always fun to grab some pictures with fellow cosplayers! :)

#2 pastbehind on 5 years ago

I'm probably going to cosplay these:

Pokemon: The Origin/Origins - Blue (after battle with Mewtwo)
Sapphire (not Alpha Sapphire) - (Hipster) Team Aqua Grunt
Gijinka Umbreon

#3 ashi ketchum on 5 years ago

When're you wearing Umbreon? Getting an Eeveelution group for photos would be awesome - and I have a feeling there will be others - but unsure how many are on the forums.

#4 pastbehind on 5 years ago

If there can be a set day for Eeveelutions then I can probably do that, but so far it looks like I might only be doing one or two of my Pokemon cosplays... D:

#5 BuonoTomato! on 5 years ago

My sister will be going as Ash Ketchum one day, but she'd like to know which day the meetup will be. :)

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