Con-G 2014: Let The Party Begin!

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#1 Dart:Dense Boy on 5 years ago

Hey Guys!!

Let's get the party started :p

[URL=""]Con-G 2014[/URL]
February 21-23, 2014
Delta Hotel Guelph

Pre-Reg is extended until Feb 5th!!
Pre-Registration Prices:
January 1 – February 5th = $30
If you are interested in registering you can head [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

New this year, we are selling t-shirts with Pre-reg if anyone is interested, the design is on the page and there are different colours available. (Essentially you get a ticket stub and they print the t-shirt at the con on the size and colour you want :) neat right?)

If you want to wait to pay at the door - prices are as follows
At the door membership prices:
$35 at the door for a weekend pass
$15 for a Friday-only pass
$25 for a Saturday-only pass
$15 for a Sunday-only pass

And if you want to volunteer you can email us at [email][email protected][/email].

New this year - video contest!!! $100 cash prize for first place! Click the link for details;
[url][/url] - UPDATED

Hotel Room Booking has been made more available - you can call or do your booking online!
[url][/url] - UPDATED

[URL=""]Guests for 2014[/URL]

Guest of Honours
Dante Basco (voice of prince zuko(avatar), general Iroh(korra) and played Rufio (Hook)
Scott McNeil (the voice of like everything - Piccolo, Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, Koga, Duo Maxwell, Wolverine, etc, etc.)

Adam Smith
Debs and Errol
Lar deSouza
Ricky Dick
Dawn McKechnie
Doctor Holocaust
Devin “Featherweight” Harrigan
Krystal “Kudrel” Messier
Amanda “Elemental” Irwin
Kevin “Solar Tempest” Chan
DJ Janos
Manda “Whitless” Whitney
Derek the Bard
Tom “HeIsAnEvilGenius” White

Lots of great programming and events!!

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Darn, I was hoping my reading week would begin the week of... But for Con-G's last year? Like hell I'm missing a day. CAN'T WAIT

#3 Nightwitch-Kat on 5 years ago

Happy squeal!

#4 MDA on 5 years ago

Must buy passes soon. But need people to actually tell me who's I'm buying xD

Least cosplays are picked out

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Just got my pre-reg, and a t-shirt. Now, to spend reading week doing a lot of work on Luna.

#6 missbananafly on 5 years ago

I can't wait!

#7 Dart:Dense Boy on 5 years ago

Two new things!

New this year - we will be holding a “Memories of Con-G” Video Contest

Create a video that reminds/inspires/shows etc that reminds you about why you love Con-G! Funny, serious, live footage, promos or AMVs – we’d love to see it all.

We have over the years been blown away with the video coverage of Con-G so we wanted to recognize those people and maybe inspire more. Whats better than watching a video to remind you about something you’ve had fun doing, right?

Ok the stuff you want to know!
GRAND PRIZE IS $100 CASH (yes that is one hundred dollars to be given to the winner at Con-G)
We will have 2 runner up spots that will win a free Con-G t-shirt.

Video must be under 4 minutes (any length under is great – a great skit or amv can be 30 seconds)
Due date to submit your entry is JANUARY 1st, 2014 (upload it somewhere online and give us the link)

Winners will be announced January 15th, 2014
The winning video, runner up and selected videos will be shown at Con-G!

And because we’re a silly bunch here at Con-G we decided to do a video, you know as an idea [URL=""]VIDEO LINK HERE[/URL] :P

We're walking in the Guelph Christmas Parade this weekend! Does anyone want to come join for an excuse to dress in costumes, wave at people and drink hot chocolate after :)

We're meeting at 21 Cork Street in Guelph at 12:30 on Sunday (across from the Civic Museum and around the corner from the BIG Church Downtown) to get organized and then head over to the parade. Feel free to PM if you want more details on this :)

#8 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Just for reference.


Does anyone know if their is an issue with dressing up as Disney characters? I'd be tempted to bring out Merida.

But will there be a rain day as we are looking at T-showers. >_

#9 Dart:Dense Boy on 5 years ago

Nope - we've had disney characters in the past and they're fine :)

#10 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Had my first con-season/Con-G nightmare last night. I guess the season's officially begun now (well, I do have a con and Kawaii Bass in just under a month and plenty to work on...).

#11 Dart:Dense Boy on 5 years ago

Hotel book rates and online booking now available :)

#12 Nightwitch-Kat on 5 years ago

I'm so sad that this will be the last year but hey it will make for a great blog post and story for my college newspaper.

I plan on going as Princess Peach, though in a shorter dress, not her full ballgown as I found the size of the halls last year to be bad for big dresses.

#13 MDA on 5 years ago

Yay lineup:

Friday - Lady Joker (Batman)
Saturday - Grand Highblood (Homestuck)
Sunday - Izayoi (Inuyasha)

STILL NEED TO BUY PASSES @[email protected]

#14 Ivy Sun on 5 years ago

There is no words in my knowledge that expresses how i feel about this con. my hotel is booked, tickets are bought and my cosplays are still being worked out. but im super uber massively retarder excited!

#15 Ruru. on 5 years ago

Looks like this'll be my first and last year going to Con-G. Never the less I'm still super excited to be going~! Still have the buy passes, book hotel, and... do pretty much everything lol. But me and my friend are going to be cosplaying Marluxia and Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts. Can't wait to see everyone there!