Megacon meet up

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#1 wtnv_civilian on 6 years ago

For the first day (Friday) I'll be out as Gabriel from Supernatural all day. People can take pictures with me, and I'll be taking pictures with you.
Saturday I'll be going in as Cecil Palmer all day
Sunday, I'll be a hotdog for half the day, then Fem!Sherlock the other half.

Let's meet up! What are you going as, and do you wanna meet up somewhere at a specific time?

#2 BRS909 on 6 years ago

my friend will be going as Abaddon on Friday! Keep and eye out for her! She'll probably be around a Fluttershy(me)

#3 wtnv_civilian on 6 years ago

Will keep my eyes open!

#4 dogwitch on 6 years ago

a halo char
or Rorschach with moving mask

#5 HopeForHyrule on 6 years ago

I'll only be cosplaying one day, probably Friday, and I'll just be a casual Fluttershy. But if you see someone walking around in a long yellow skirt and carrying an Angel Bunny plush, that's probably me. ^_^

#6 xooxu on 6 years ago

I'll be there all three days, but I'm probably only going to cosplay on Friday and go with a fairly lazy Kankri cosplay, although I'm debating going as a zombie Lori Grimes on Saturday. Unless my Silk Spectre I magically gets finished in a month, then I'll wear that on Saturday.

#7 Azureus on 6 years ago

I'll be Sam Winchester on Friday.

#8 katrinacrane on 6 years ago

I'm planning on going as Intern Dana, possibly all three days if I don't get my other costumes together.

#9 Raven_Ann on 6 years ago

I'll be going on all 3 days with my boyfriend as Dean and I as am human impala