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#1 LoftwingQueen on 5 years ago

Ohayocon 2014!! Who can't wait for it to start?

Dates: January 24-26th

Tickets can be bought on the Ohayocon website.[URL="http://www.centaurstage.com/ohayocon/"]http://www.centaurstage.com/ohayocon/[/URL]
It's getting to be that time of year when the pricing for Ohayocon gets really expensive! Pre-order now for the lowest prices.
Weekend passes are $45 until the 31st of October.
After this date it will be $50 to pre-order, so register now for the best deals.

Cosplays I will personally be bringing: Haruno Sakura(Friday), OOT Princess Zelda (Saturday and Sunday)

Whoever is going this year as a Zelda character be sure to keep an eye out for me :D

Hope to see you guys there!


#2 shindousgal on 5 years ago

I pre-reged last week. Not sure how I'm getting there just yet. But I'm planning on cosplaying Rainbow Dash, Hitomi from Pretear, and if i lose the weight and finish it on time Esmeralda from Disneys Hunchback of Notre Dame.

#3 humanoidrkangel on 5 years ago

silica from sao(saturday) and gaige from borderlands 2(possably friday). pre-reg'd at matsuricon XD

#4 ilafatyu on 5 years ago

I had no idea this was here. Yeah, I pre-reged about a week ago. It was hell trying to find a hotel this late, but I guess it's not bad for my first time attending.

I'm planning on bringing a triplet (Kuroshitsuji) on Friday and some incarnation of Piko Utatane (Vocaloid) on Saturday. Sunday? No idea, I'll probably try to latch onto a group.

#5 Amaya on 5 years ago

Hey everyone!

I didn't realize this thread was here either! :p

I'll be bringing Msyu from C: Control, Black Widow, Megaman from Megaman Starforce and Sabrina (the gym leader from Pokemon). I will be with a group of other Pokemon gym leaders as well.

Hope to see everyone there!

#6 JustnsLostAngel on 5 years ago

I can't wait to go! I'll be spending Ohayocon this year with my very first cosplay group! So I'm super excited! We are doing the last of us one of the days. I will be Ellie and have a gender bend Joel, Ellie, Tess and bill as well as, me (regular Ellie), regular Joel (maybe a Tess) and a Sarah. Then I will bring Kanade from angel beats, Seeu from Vocaloid and finally My little sister from Bioshock 2! I can't wait to see everyone, but I am not looking forward to the extreme post con depression to come!

#7 Tsunayoshi27 on 5 years ago

I am going this year! :D Im planning a Kukoro Tetsuya cosplay from Kuroko No Basuke. :)

Im short enough to pass as him xD

also, It would be really comfortable to wear around, and even though its January~

are anybody doing Kuroko No Basuke cosplays? I wear glasses because i cant see worth crap. xD

also my older sis will be tagging along with me

#8 aliruth1 on 5 years ago

I'm going for the first time!
My roommate and I are doing Haruhi Suzumiya(her) and Mikuru Asahina(myself)
I'll also be doing Hell Girl, a Silent Hill Nurse, and possibly Lt. Yachiru from Bleach.

#9 Hyuuga Tenten on 5 years ago

As of right now, I'll be there. Its been roughly 3 years since my last Ohayocon and I'm hoping to enjoy it.

Right now the plans are:

Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
Simon (Mortal Instruments)
Hazel (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Chikorita (pokemon gijinka)
Lost Boy (Once Upon a Time)

I think that's it, but I might add one or two more.

#10 Majixe on 5 years ago

Still need to pre-reg, but I'm definitely looking forward to the con :D

Last year i was Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail (Heaven's Wheel version) And i'm debating whether or not to bring that back for one of the days... but I'm in the process of making her Lightning Empress armor as well, so hopefully that'll all go as planned and I'll have that for the weekend ^-^

#11 SakuraMadoi on 5 years ago

This will be my fourth time attending Ohayocon, and my third time attending as one of their amv judges. I'm pretty excited [still need to pre-reg though] but am not looking forward to the amount of Sailor Moon Cosplayers we'll see this year since the them is Magical Girls.

It's nice to see some first timers attending the convention. Just be mindful of the amount of traffic in the hallways when posing for pics, etc. is all i can really advise for your first time.

#12 kuru kuru on 5 years ago

I noticed Fllay in your cosplay lineup for Ohayocon 2014. I, for real, must find you. I'd love to get a picture of that. c':

#13 SakuraMadoi on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=kuru kuru;4794090]SakuraMadoi,
I noticed Fllay in your cosplay lineup for Ohayocon 2014. I, for real, must find you. I'd love to get a picture of that. c':[/QUOTE]

Absolutely! I'd love to c: I'll have my phone on me so I can private message you when I get there. I'll be there from Thursday Afternoon -Sunday Afternoon. I haven't decided what days I'm wearing what but I'll definitely hit you up and let you know c:

#14 raynestross on 5 years ago

Anyone for a borderlands cosplay group?

#15 ilafatyu on 5 years ago

Ohayocon is going to be the biggest convention I've been to. The next largest was only about 5,000 or so, and this one's more than 13,000. Can't wait to see what big conventions are all about.

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