Lightning cosplay question

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#1 VideoGameMerc on 6 years ago

I'm going to cosplay as a male Lightning but I had a thought: If I go without her bag, would it still be a good cosplay or would I be considered 'cutting corners'? The con I'm going to is pretty close, I have the materials to make everything, I'm just having a kind of panic attack haha. Thanks for your input everyone :)

#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

I saw this in the other thread you posted lol

Ask yourself this "Do YOU care?" If the answer is yes, wear it, if not, then don't. Why should you care if someone else likes your cosplay..If they don't then too bad..If you feel it's incomplete, then by all means wear it, but if you don't care, then do whatever you want. You shouldn't be doing this to other people's standards of what's "good" or not.

#3 VideoGameMerc on 6 years ago

What's odd is I tell people that all the time. Guess I should've listened to my own advice. Thanks a ton! Hope to see you at Sakura-Con! :D who are you going to be on the first day?

#4 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Oh holy damn..had no idea you're going lol hit up the kh shoot on Friday to meet me. For sure go to the final fantasy one though..that one is Friday Also. I don't remember for sure butt it's in the sc forums here, but kh I believe is 1pm..the ff one is 5pm. Do you know the areas? If you do I can tell your where the kh is. The ff its right outside the dealers hall. I'll be Limit Drive Sora from kh at that shoot, and taking pics as stocking for ff.

#5 Loveable-Eve on 6 years ago

The Final Fantasy shoot is at 8pm on friday outside the dealer's hall. I'm running it and I'll be dressed up as the hooded man from FF4 the after years

#6 VideoGameMerc on 6 years ago

Awesome! :D I'll try to hit them up when I can!

#7 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=VideoGameMerc;4842804]Awesome! :D I'll try to hit them up when I can![/QUOTE]

You mean IF you can? Not WHEN? because WHEN you can doesn't matter, they happen at those times, there or not lol

If you miss them, then you miss them..But I hope you don't.

By the way, here's my post, it has info on all the shoots mentioned:
I'm only going to the ones on friday though

#8 Loveable-Eve on 6 years ago

And don't worry I'll be making some cards spreading the word about the shoot to hand out to the Final Fantasy cosplayers I see