Steamunk'd BlasTech DL-44 Blaster (Han Solo pistol)

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#1 Cameron1138 on 5 years ago

I'm going to be cosplaying a Steampunk version of Han Solo, and wanted to show off the blaster I made. The parts are as follows:
-Mauser C96 air soft gun and clip
-Some weapons from Transformers figures
-Two pipe clamps
-4 washers
-4 heads (with the rest cut off)
-A blue plastic carrying case with a hole drilled in the bottom (not sure what it was originally for, maybe glasses? or coins?)
-4 PVC pipe connectors
-Adjusting knob from a tripod
-90˚ mounting frames
-3 scope parts from another toy gun
-A metal pipe fitting that I believe was for the ends of pipes with electrical wires running through them (one of the random pieces that I thought would work when looking for parts at a hardware store)
-A yard of leather cord (should have gotten a bit more, but oh well)
-A small piece of black wire
-A red Sharpie marker cap (for plugging the barrel with when going out in public)

The parts (unpainted):
Some weathering I did on the gun to make it look like metal with the paint rubbing/scraping off:

The finished blaster: