WAKE UP! One Piece Cosplay Gathering

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#1 Ichnob-kun on 6 years ago

Started a thread on the official Fanime forums, and we're pending submission. Post here if you're attending in One Piece cosplay!

Day requested: Saturday
Pending time: around 4pm (there's a One Piece Podcast panel at 6pm, so we'd like to end before that)
Meet Up: G2 (Lobby, near the left stairs from the entrance)
Location: Requesting G2 or G3, and G8a as a last resort.

So what will you be wearing? I'll be attending as Luffy/Lucy from Dressrosa. If I finish the gladiator stuff, then I'll bein that. Otherwise, you'll find me in a strawhat, bowler, and beard, and I will NOT respond to Master Roshi. :P

#2 Ichnob-kun on 6 years ago

Sure would help if I posted the Fanime forum thread. Yup, sure would.


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