Maleficent (2014)

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#1 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Again more Disney then Live Action. I love how even the trailers are not showing to much. lol

#2 Satine on 5 years ago

Yeah.... got a bit enthusiastic. Well no one had posted the new full trailer so I did and then got excited because at full screen on my many inches monitor it looked amazing.

And I'm now charging in and grabbing wire to start the horns (wire expanding foam and then a layer of fibreglass and then a mix of resin, chopped matting and filler and then the filler and resin only to make a nice moldable and carvable layer.

The cheek bones need to wait until my silurian sculpt is finished and molded and then I can clean the clay back to barest necessities.

And a cast of my ears. Though I suspect I'll go for party crashing ensemble :)

#3 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

Ahhhh the trailer looks amazing!

#4 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Yeah her check bones is probably a full silicone cheek appliance along with the ears. I would think that they end/blend out at the nasolabial fold so that she could emote without putting to much train on the appliance.

She has very small elf ears so this might work for her. ;)
[url] Elf[/url]

#5 Satine on 5 years ago

I'm delaying a bit because I'm not sure my urethane will work as an encapsulating medium and also they tend to break really quickly. But silicone alone is just a bit annoying to try and match with paints.
I'd suggest all separate elements for more movement but also a bit of post work because her eyes also glow. Luckily Black Wolf works well for the last look so.... yay for already having lenses I can see through because fx lenses with correction are now banned here. Oh but you can by plano no worries. Sheesh.

Okay time to work out if I am awake enough to go [URL=""]play with clay[/URL] so my head cast is available to start sculpting. May also have to make a mold of my face cast. Also my ears. And I have a horrible folded ear that will have to be taped in order to get a good mold. I wonder if my doctor would be okay with me getting some steri-strips for that.

Would rather do my own :) I did some gelatin ears back in 03 and loved the effect and I really do need some new ear casts.

#6 Satine on 5 years ago

Started the horns! I have gone back to basics and am sculpting from clay and then casting. I messed around with paper mache and have decided I know my own abilities best so the long way is going to be the shorter way in the long run ;)
Okay well my sculpting video will be a few hours even though it's already in MP4 format sooo.. off to sculpt and get photos later.

#7 Satine on 5 years ago


I am on the hunt for good photos of the official merch, there are some cuuuuties! Because the doll looks like it has reasonable shape :)

#8 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

Watched the movie this week and did my makeup break down for the different looks/ characters.


#9 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

I've got all four dolls plus the tiara, can take some pics if you want

#10 AngelicLuka on 5 years ago

Anyone find good close up pics of Aurora's gold coronation dress? I am having a hard time finding any

#11 Satine on 5 years ago


Yes please :) I may be asking if I can through momeny because no Disney store here at all. Or even Oz???

I remember it a fair bit it sort of if it helps :) I think there are some nice gif sets happening :) ALso if they go the way they went with Frozen then the HD digital will be available as a DL pretty soon :)

I'm planning a costume breakdown later, turns out I was bang on with Maleficent's costume theory (booyah!) and on course with the rest. Aurora's blue dress is totally from a JW Waterhouse painting of Ophelia. So it ties in really well with the slo mo watery sleep moments :)

#12 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

I knew it reminded me of something. The blue dress also kinda looks similar to some of the Merida dresses you see around (the kids' costumes) Blue dress, similar shape, gold trimmings...

#13 Zhelly on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=AngelicLuka;4878524]Anyone find good close up pics of Aurora's gold coronation dress? I am having a hard time finding any[/QUOTE]

Looks like this was just posted yesterday! [url][/url]

#14 AngelicLuka on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Zhelly;4881206]Looks like this was just posted yesterday! [url][/url][/QUOTE]

Thanks so much! :D

#15 Satine on 5 years ago

Yeah, I think there are a few more, I link dumped to my site the other day as there has been a fairly large influx of photos of the costumes either from the studio or from exhibits over the last few days :) Pretty much while I was away or sick ;)

Sadly the Maleficent Christening gown has been taken apart. The train is totally missing. And knowing how it is sewn in to the gown itself this would have taken some work!! That said I have thought about how to make my own train removable because it's a lot of fabric to wrangle!

Mainly for Maleficent but the sketch for Aurora's blue gown is straight from the painting :) Except for the smile.

Anyway, since being able to see the wings the costume department rigged up to help the animators, I am now determined to make the wings. They'll be like the ones made for real, so the same shape as in all the marketing (blunter wider more rigid feathers than the animators were able to do) and my brain is I think finally working out how to do so. Feathers are terrible to try and replicate due to the complex nature of flight feathers. So there is a fair bit of outside the box thinking of materials and paints and such.

I really need to make a permanent page for my costume.... but: [url][/url]

So I'll be making my page today. I went to the leather store yesterday and got a load of free stuff as well as some nice textured pieces for my next set of headwraps; and new horns. I'll be making a new mold too probably to make it all more fitted and better adjustable for wearing with headwraps or a wig. So take that flu (actual flu, from the con but not con crud, this was a full two weeks of pain of all sorts). Hah! Wings and horns and prosthetics will be made!