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#1 suha2474 on 6 years ago

I'm going to cosplay Chopper from One Piece (two years later form) for shuto con this april. Its going to be a more human look, and I found the shorts, hat, and backpack, but in a bit stuck on the shirt. All I found perfect had horizontal stripes. I was looking for a women's sleeveless yellow vertical striped shirt. With the stries being maybe an 1.5 inches thick. Help please?

(I'm trying to not make it myself cuz I don't have a sewing machine and takes a while. Not to menting the quality won't be nice either.)

#2 MadameGrimm on 6 years ago

I'm having the same issue- I might end up Buying a white tank and some fabric paint in the end- or taking the tank somewhere local and have it painted/airbrushed for me. Depending. (I wish I could sew!)

#3 melgibbs on 6 years ago

How was the cosplay?