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#1 CarmillaJo on 4 years ago

What does it mean when a costume contest/masquerade is local vs national? Local I kind of understand more, since I got to small-medium-sized cons in the Bay Area, but what does it mean when a competition is national? Would Fanime fall under a national category?

#2 CapsuleCorp on 4 years ago

I've never seen anything called a "national" convention or competition. Regional, yes. "Large," yes. "International," of course - if it's large enough or prestigious enough to attract people from outside our borders. But not national.

Local is generally a term to indicate tiny cons, that don't draw people from far away. A "local" con tends to only really attract literal locals - from that city - or others from within a short drive with nothing to do or no cons in their city. Once people start flocking to a convention from further than, say, 5-6 hours away or have to factor in a day's travel time to get to the con but by god they make a point to get to that con, it can be considered "regional." Anything above and beyond that, whether because of the number of attendees or the high media profile, or because the events and atmosphere make it a pilgrimage or destination con for people from all across the country, most people just call a "big" or "major" con. I guess it could be considered "national."

But these terms mean exactly jack and shit in terms of the size or quality of the cosplay contest.

The only term that means anything when it comes to masquerades is International - the International Costumers Guild has certain guidelines by which they certify a show as "international," and as such there are only three: WorldCon, Costume-Con, and Anime North. But that's also an ICG distinction only and any con that attracts people from more than one country is actually, technically, international.

#3 fabrickind on 4 years ago

A semi-related question (and I am in the same area as OP -- hi!! :D): how do you find out which contests are more prestigious or have a better standing in the community, and is it worth it to enter contests that may have a lower standing?

I know that at least in my area, there's smaller and medium sized (anime) cons, and one larger anime con. The two largest anime cons (SacAnime and Fanime) have, as far as I know, a pretty bad reputation in terms of actually physically being at the Masquerade. That is, if you are there to compete or watch, there's all sorts of technical and organizational issues that can cause problems. I've never heard anything about the quality of the judging, though, and if it's fair, etc. There are smaller cons (I've only competed twice, both at tiny-ass cons: AOD and Krakencon), and these seem to be well-run, but they're tiny, and I don't know if they have a good standing in the community. How would a cosplayer go about finding out the quality of a contest? (I mean...people travel from many hours away for something like Fanimecon, but from what I've heard, the contest is a huge mess in terms of organization, so I don't know if that would reflect poorly, even if it is a larger, "regional" kind of a con.)

I guess I need to ask myself if having a win is worth it to me enough to enter a con like Fanime that's apparently a pain to actually enter and compete at haha

#4 CapsuleCorp on 4 years ago

There really isn't a good way besides word of mouth. :( It doesn't help that with the ever-revolving door of staff at most cons, even the big ones, experiences can fluctuate year to year. Not just the cosplay staff or judges in the show, but the rest of staff supporting the contest versus actively making it harder for them to get their shit together.

I personally feel like it's less about the size of the con and more about whether I feel like I've had a good experience - if I've been fairly judged by people who are genuinely peers in costuming, the show went off more or less without a hitch, and I was treated like they wanted me there. For example, Archon is a weird old scifi con in St. Louis, and the rest of the con is really kind of lame, but their masquerade director operates under one primary rule: "you are volunteering half of your Saturday for the purposes of our entertainment and the possibility of a ribbon, so we need to show our appreciation for your time and effort by treating you well." I like to feel like my months of blood, sweat, and tears is worth it, regardless of whether I win anything, so I prefer competing anywhere that values its cosplay competitors and doesn't just treat them like unpaid entertainers.

#5 fabrickind on 4 years ago

The "did I have a good experience" measure is probably the best way to go about it for me, then. I don't think it's worth it to me to deal with Fanime or SacAnime's mess (and give up most of my Fanime Sunday at that) just to have the chance to enter more contests. Those cons also seem to infamously have a revolving door of Masquerade staff, and not for the better, from what I've heard.

Feeling like I'm being treated like an unpaid entertainer is also why I'll never enter at AX. It really doesn't sit right with me that the Masquerade is a ticketed event, yet it's not something that we're getting paid for (unless we win, I suppose), so they're basically selling tickets for people to watch content we're giving for free. (This is different to me than a regular con badge, where everyone pays it and it provides access to all the events.) Regardless of the quality of the contest, I don't think I'd want to do that. (Then again, I'm always protesting that SacAnime doesn't even give badges to panelists and always debate whether I want to give panels there again, so I believe pretty strongly in compensating the people who are giving your con content.)

#6 belligerent on 3 years ago

This is a question on that cosplay melee application, fyi, which is probably why this person is asking.

#7 CapsuleCorp on 3 years ago

Is it now... /strokes chin in interest

It's kind of an odd distinction, I mean...I can list the awards I've won but they're so all over the place that I wouldn't know how a TV director would weight them. Is it convention size that matters, or quality of the contest itself? Because everybody who knows anything knows that the Dragon*Con main masquerade is a joke but hey, the con fields 70k+ attendees.

#8 belligerent on 3 years ago

i have no idea what that question is really asking or how they expect it to be answered, so i'm just answering the question with the gravity and seriousness of a beatles press conference, as is my wont. i'm guessing "national" means that people have heard of it, whereas "local" might mean "in someone's basement"

#9 luckystarday on 3 years ago

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#10 Mangochutney on 3 years ago

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