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#1 MONSTER MAN on 4 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm Cleve hall, aka MONSTER MAN on Syfy Channel. For those who aren't familiar with me, Google Cleve Hall. My 38 years of experience making fantasy costumes for clients like KISS, DEVO, ICP, Alice Cooper, Pee Wee Herman, Blizzard, Marilyn Manson and an Emmy Nomination for Costume Design for YO GABBA GABBA should prove my reputation in this business. So please hear what I have to say and give this immediate attention.
I brought on a very talented costumer to work with me recently... Her skills and work ethic are impeccable. It just came to my attention she has been victim of Negative Comments posted here by someone she used to work with who has a grudge and wishes to destroy her reputation. Actually, she has lost hundreds in commissions already from potential clients who saw them. After looking through the forum, I began to wonder how many others have had similar attacks, and couldn't believe that this kind of character assassination was being allowed to exist on this site.
Don't you think it would be in everyone's best interest if you reviewed any post and perhaps asked for proof of their claims before allowing them to cause such incredible damage to someone's reputation?

#2 Milky Bubbles on 4 years ago

I don't recognize you yourself but I do recognize your works, so congrats to your on your achievements!

Typically people do give evidence as to why they make their claims as to why a commissioner or commissionee was not a good one. Sometimes it is all a misunderstanding and they forget to update the Thread but while you may work with this person and you believe that she may be a good person, you have to remember that while their work ethic is mind-blowing...their commissioner/commissionee situation may not be as fantastic especially if what is being dealt with is nothing something they exactly specialize in.(Like how some commissioners are only really, really good at making super extravagant pieces.)

I'm also always one of the people that asks for more evidence with bad claims when not much is given and it is obvious that the person is just really, really upset with the situation. While I understand what you're saying with wanting verification of posts, sometimes bad reviews just happen, no matter how amazing the person may seem.