Free cosplay-just pay shipping! Scarlet from Space Dandy-costume + unstyled wig

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#1 Emmejo on 7 months ago

Photos here: [url][/url] [url][/url] (Pardon my hasty, wonky pics! I don't have any from the con when I wore it so these selfies are the best I have.)

This is a nearly-complete costume! This listing includes the custom-dyed, unstyled wig, a matching pad of wefts for the front (to provide extra hair for her pompadour style!), name-badge, a sleeveless, zip-up turtleneck shirt, miniskirt with matching pull-over suit jacket, and the corset/stomacher piece. I also found the purple thigh-highs I wore with it originally, so although they are not in the photo, they will be included! It does not include the glasses or shoes.

Details on the costume: The skirt and jacket are both lined, and the skirt has a side zip. The jacket has large shoulder pads, and narrow sleeves. The corset is steel-boned and could be used as a functional corset, but is not used for waist reduction here and fits loosely. It just helps to create an appropriately stiff, crisp shape. Only worn once. There is weak seam on the jacket that popped a couple stitches under one arm, but it should only need a couple stitches to fix, and I can do that before mailing if requested.

Details on the wig: The wig is an Arda's Jasmine, dyed with iDye Poly. I made this costume for Anime Boston a few years ago and unfortunately the wig was damaged by a family member before I even got to wear it. My hasty half-hour restyling didn't hold up, and the prospect of attempting to re-do the wig has kept me from re-wearing it. I have washed all the styling product out of the wig, detangled it, and it is being stored braided, but it should probably be flat-ironed once more before restyling. There is also a matching pad of wefts that I had secured to the front of the wig during the original styling to give me more material in the front. That has also been washed, detangled and braided.

My measurements at the time of photos are: Waist 27", bust 31", hips 35", lower hips (at the widest part of my butt) 38", shoulders (from the far tip of one clavicle, behind my neck, to the other) 15". Garment measurements (all measured flat!) Shirt: bust 17", length (not including turtle neck) 20". Skirt: width 15" at top of waistband, 17" at bottom, length 19". Jacket: length 24", sleeve length 25", width 18 1/2" bust, 19" at hem. Corset: 32" length, 9 1/2" hight at front.

Payment/shipping info: I am now just trying to pass this on to another fan before I move, so it is free, buyer just pays for shipping. Contact me with your zip code, and I'll let you know how much it will cost. [U]I will only hold it for 48 hours.[/U] Paypal is preferred, but if you need a different method, message me and let's work something out. I do have a lot of pets; they aren't allowed in the areas that I keep costumes, but this suiting seems to want to hold hairs, so there are a few. If you have any fur allergies, let me know and I will hand wash it again directly before shipping.

If you need additional pictures, measurements, or have questions, I recommend messaging me, as I am not sure if the forum alerts will be as reliable. Thank you!

#2 vocaloid-lover on 6 months ago

is it still available if so can you plz let me know right away thanks

#3 Emmejo on 6 months ago

I just sent you a PM. Yes, it is still available.