Cosplay Photographer Available for Anime Expo 2018

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#1 maikeru89 on 2 years ago

Hello all,

I will be at Anime Expo and have opening available for shoots.

For examples of my work you can check my instagram @ [URL=""]MimirPhotos[/URL]
On my Facebook @ [URL=""]Mimir Photography[/URL]

What you will get is a 30 minute session with 10 retouched photos for up to 2 people plus all other unedited photos taken during the shoot for $75

Group rates are for up to 1 hour and for 3 or more people at $30/ person. You will get 1 portrait, 2 full body per person as well as 5 group shots (number can increase with larger groups)

I also offer digital manipulation to add effects, styles and backgrounds as an additional or standalone service.

Feel free to contact me for details for scheduling via
email: [email][email protected][/email]
Facebook: [url][/url]
or instagram: [url][/url]

I do not check this forum frequently and the above are the easiest and most likely for me to see. I will check this forum and my DMs as often as possible