Making REALLY Big Sword!

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#1 LunaticLenny on 9 months ago

Hello anyone who clicked on this thread! As the title states I'm currently having quite a predicament. Me and my sister are cosplaying Toon Link and Phantom Zelda from Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks and decided to tackle her cosplay first. We decided to make the sword first and completed it however... the thing is like 20 pounds.

The character:

Our Sword in Progress:
(FYI the sword is almost 6 feet tall)

We constructed it out of cardboard and paper mache and to help keep its shape we filled it with balled up newspaper. For the handle we used a wooden block since the original cardboard one wasn't very strong or secure (since it was very unbalanced we thought the wood would help). Even though all the materials should be rather light it still came out heavy and unwieldy. Where did we do wrong? Can it be fixed? Should we just deal with it?

#2 Jei-Cos on 9 months ago

The best option to make it as light as possible, is to use foam. You can buy insulation foam sheets at just about any hardware store. They are much large than the size you need for your sword, and weigh less than 2 lbs. The first sword I made for Cloud was made this way, and it was light enough that wind hitting the side of it would push it in my hand. If you want it to be tougher than the foam itself, you can paper mache a couple layers over that and sand it smooth. Using a drill bit the right side, you can add the hole for the handle. The foam should be light enough that it won't break if you get it in about 5 inches or so. The handle on my Cloud one was in about that far and it still is. That was made 5 years ago.

#3 Midnight Dawn on 9 months ago

What are the dimensions in length, width, and depth?

Though adding the newspaper filling was a bit much. Just some spacers would have been fine if you placed it strategically around the prop.

As you build more props you'll eventually stop using paper mache and move on to something else like foam which is lighter.