Looking 4 friends 2 cosplay with

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#1 HIque on 2 years ago

Hi im going to anime north and I want to make some friends and cosplay with them I wanna do cosplay's from: Haikyuu, One Piece, Voltron, Attack on titan, etc.

im 21 and live in markham.


#2 torichan7 on 2 years ago

Hi~ I'm someone from Canada! ^^ I've lived pretty much my whole life in Markham, but just last year my family moved to a smaller city in Ontario...

But it's nice to meet you! :) I also have social anxiety, and I'm pretty quiet and "standoff-ish" according to friends and family... >.<" I don't go on this forum often (even though I should :/) but I'm happy to see someone from my area with similar interests! ^.^

#3 Miss_Wraith on 2 years ago

My friend and I are cosplaying Pidge and Hunk for AN 2017, so if you get around to making a Voltron cosplay in time we should def meet up for some pictures.

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