Help with picking female armored cosplay.

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#1 Foxes on 2 years ago

Hey everyone,

I was wanted to cosplay a female character that was mostly armored but I'm not too familiar with characters from games such as WoW and Diablo lll. I'm more into comics and games and generally stay away from anime. I like the costume of slyvanas windrunner from WoW but not the skin tone. I realized that my fabrication skill with armour and worbla well exceeds my sewing skills and would like to focus on that. I love the look of breastplates and really want to make one.

I like to do sexier cosplay and I wanted a armored but not super bulky character. I'm not afraid of showing skin of showing off my...ehum... Assets. If possible I would like to keep it skin tone because that just add another layer of getting ready. I am a vender for most of my cosplays and I usually have to wake up VERY early to get ready so 2 more hours of body painting is not really feisable. If you guys can give me any ideas that would be great!!

P.s. I would probably buy the game after I picked a character to get a feel for the character.

#2 xIkuna on 2 years ago

Female Shepard from Mass Effect
Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn has a bunch of different armor outfits
Cassandra Pentaghast from Dragon Age Inquisition

Thats all I can think of right now haha

#3 Scunosi on 2 years ago

If you liked Sylvanas' armor but not painting your skin you should look at [URL=""]Alexstrasza[/URL]. She's got fairly normal (if a bit pink/ruddy) skin and a very similar armor style. She's also a bit of a "sexy cosplay" icon, I think so anyway.

If you don't care for her exact design/colors there are plenty of other dragons, but [URL=""]Ysera [/URL]has the same issue with painting your skin. [URL=""]Nozdormu [/URL]has white skin but you'd have to do a genderbend design (if you have issues with that/don't want to have to change designs). In fact there's plenty of named dragons with human forms, or popular fan designs (like genderbent Deathwing), so while you may not know the lore you should maybe flip through the wiki page on WoW's dragons and browse the images there.

Oh, another option would be to look into the [URL=""]Dresspheres [/URL]from Final Fantasy X-2. I've always been a fan of Yuna's [URL=""]Berserker [/URL]sphere. Alchemist or Dark Knight would also be good options if you're looking for armor-heavy stuff.

#4 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

You could always do Sylvanas as a High Elf (1)(in essence before she became a Banshee). Otherwise, your stock female Barbarian from Diablo 3 would be a viable candidate. You could even genderbend someone like...Arthas probably (pre-Lich King to avoid the skinpaint). The Heroes of the Storm version of Jaina actually has a Dreadlord variant (2), which would allow for some sexiness modifications. Although there would be some painting, but if you went with a bodysuit/athleticware in the grey tones underneath, you'd only have to paint your face.

And incidentally know a lady friend of mine saw my Gundam costume from this year and asked me if I could make her one, but like you said, sexy. I found a number of pics of what are called "Gundam Girls", which are the essential elements to identify the particular model, but the rest of the armor cut away to show more skin. Here's an example (3), but my design wasn't quite that....revealing.

EDIT: If you were wanting to go outside WOW/Diablo, you could go with Darkness from Konosuba, whose armor tends to get torn up (much to her excitement). Or you could even do a female Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Maiden?) with the armor trimmed back for appeal.

1 High Elf Sylvanas:

2 Dreadlord Jaina:

3 Cherudim Gundam Girl:

#5 Foxes on 2 years ago

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. I'm going to think about all of them.

#6 Indiana Jolly on 2 years ago

Personally, I think you'd make an awesome Sergeant Calhoun from 'Wreck-it-Ralph'!