Full Metal Alchemist 2017

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#1 Omega Dragon on 1 year ago

Greetings all,

I didn't see a thread and with Otakon less than a 20 days away; I wanted to see if there will be other FMA cosplayers going this year. I haven't had a chance this year to whip up something new so I'll be bringing Barry the Chopper. I look forward to seeing others this year, see you there. :D

#2 SEGAphantom on 1 year ago

I will be going as Ling and Greedling tommorrow. :)
I'm going to cosplay as ling in the morning, and Greed in the afternoon.

#3 Omega Dragon on 1 year ago

Found many FMA peeps during my walks on Friday and Saturday. Even an Alphonse in armor. =) There were many amazing cosplayers. Saturday I was walking around with a nice group that included: Edward Elric, Alphonse in armor, Roy, Riza, Envy, Hughes. There was a greed and lust for a while as well. It was much fun to see everyone.