Starting WA Cosplay Group!

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#1 yeon on 1 year ago

[CENTER]We are [URL=""]Just.B.Cos[/URL]! We're a beginner cosplay group, looking for more friends to cosplay with and do skits, photoshoots, etc! Currently we're looking for people between the Seattle and Tacoma area, and hoping to have a group for Sakuracon, but will hopefully have a meetup before then!!

[U]Our interests are:[/U]
[*]Nier Automata
[*]Love Live
[*]My Hero Academia
[*]Possibly more?

[*]15+ years old (if you're under 18, please get permission from your guardian!)
[*]Willing to join a discord chat for easier contact!
[*]Basic knowledge of cosplay (such as makeup basics, wig styling)
[*]Own at least one or two cosplays! We want to make sure you're into cosplaying!
[*]Cosplay is an expensive hobby, so please make sure you're able to buy or make your cosplays for our meetups/photoshoots![/LIST]

For Sakuracon, we're going to be cosplaying from Nier Automata and SINoALICE!

Our links: [URL=""]@prince_of_cloud[/URL] / [URL=""]lenrintwin[/URL] and [URL=""]@gamertrashprince[/URL][/CENTER]

#2 LenRinTwin on 1 year ago

I LOVE THIS IDEA :blubber:

#3 LenRinTwin on 1 year ago

Dance covers would be cool too honestly

#4 TangleJubilee on 1 year ago

I live in Tacoma but I don't cosplay any of those. But I am a huge Vocaloid fan. :)