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#1 TokuGeek1983 on 4 years ago

This is a small series of cons. One of their locations is in Washington, D.C. I've gone to it twice and have met several people I've dreamt of meeting for a long time. I met Ernie Hudson, Maurice LaMarche, David Yost, Walter Jones, Austin St. John, Karan Ashley, and WWE Diva Natalya. I've also met three cosplayers I'm a fan of. This year's starts on my birthday!

#2 loz64 on 4 years ago

I went to it two times and enjoyed myself each time! This year it starts a day after my birthday :) I'm amazed at how fast it's grown, especially since it's only been around for 4 years now.

#3 TokuGeek1983 on 4 years ago

That's cool! I can't wait to see what other guests they've got lined up. Hopefully, more WWE stars!