Assassin's Creed Origins Ab Workout

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#1 MagnusBeasticus on 2 years ago

Welcome to the Abs Shredding workout routines for ACO!

YouTube Link: [URL=""][/URL]
Routine Outline: [IMG][/IMG]

Loading Screens (death, fast travel, scene transitions): alternate
10 V-Ups - 20 Sit-ups - 20 Leg Raises or Kneebows
increase number of reps by 2 every week until

Stand for the duration of your gameplay session.
Loading Screens (death, fast travel, scene transitions): triple set
10 V-Ups - 10 Oblique Sit-ups - 20 Kneebows | change order every time
Location Complete: 10 Traversal Sit-ups
Synchronize: 5 Jumping Burpees
Cutscenes and Covnersations: Plank until Failure
In Menus: Hold a Leg Raise or a Calf Raise
Pick-up/Activate something: Low Squat

IG: magnusbeasticus
Twitch: magnusbeasticus
Twitter: magnusbeasticus
Steam: magnus_beasticus

#2 BritAurora on 2 years ago

I love this! Such great motivation

Planking for me would be hard in an important cutscene