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#1 NatsumeRyu on 2 years ago


Do you need a pattern for armour?
Do you need armor built?
Want something comfy, flexible, and durable that looks like it's metal or otherwise rigid?

My work affords all of the above. I make the thing you need in the computer, in 3D around the measurements you give me to make patterns for what you need. I use various foams (though mostly 1/4" XLPE) that are spray latexed and hand painted to achieve any end goal. If you have a picture of it, I can make it.

I've made full rigs of robots and suits of armour all the way down to specific parts of a costume or props.
As long as you take care of the pieces in storage they should last you quite a while with only paint touch ups needed if a part experiences a lot of abrasion when worn (common in full suits).

Send a message on Facebook or Twitter (NatsumeRyu) to get a faster response! :)

I only accept one commission at a time, rather than a queue. I'll make an announcement when I'm open to the next commission, and tell you when it's filled.
No changes to design after the 3D CG phase.
Quotes are free, but depending on demand it may take some time for me to get you one. I put a lot of effort into making quotes as accurate as possible.