Gundam Wing: Zech's OZ Uniform Pattern

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#1 krazerkap on 1 year ago

For anyone that has done Gundam cosplays, especially those who have sewn outfits/uniforms from groups like Zeon or OZ, I am looking for some help.

I have been planning on doing a crossplay/genderbend of Terra from Final Fantasy VI for a while, and a friend of mine inspired me with the idea to do a modified version of the uniform Zechs Merquise wears. It would have various changes, but a lot of the uniform would fit what I want to do. Red top, white pants, looking like you were a soldier of some kind.

Does anyone know where I can find a uniform pattern similar to Zeon or OZ/Zechs that I can use? It would have to be similar to below. Thanks.


#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

in design descriptions it's a double breasted military waist length coat.

The easiest is probably this (leaving off the lower coat section is easy as there is already a seam there): [url][/url]

Add all the trims and you are spot on. It's a good pattern in that it's better than halloween quality while not being as complex and fussy to make as a real mens suit.

#3 DlGlT on 1 year ago