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#1 XxEveillexX on 1 year ago

Hello I'm Eveille and I have over 11 years of costume making experience.

Open for due dates starting in July 2018.

Past commission work available for viewing here:[url][/url]

Booking availability, please select the month you'd like your costume to arrive, if a month is not listed it is already fully booked:
July 2018: Closed
August 2018: Closed
September 2018: Closed
October 2018: Closed
November 2018: Closed
December 2018: Open
January 2019: Open
February 2019: Open
March 2019: Open

How do you get a quote? Please email me at [email][email protected][/email] or PM me on Facebook.

Please include the following:
Character Name:
Due Date: (When you want the costume in your hands!)
Basic Measurements: (Bust, Waist, Hips, Height)
Pieces Needed: (What do you need made? Do you need a wig, shoes? Please be very specific. If you say, whole costume I'm going to assume that means everything, wig and shoes included.)
Reference images: (Please show the whole costume, front, back, as much detail as possible. And please attach the full size images to the email.)

Please give me minimum of 3 days to respond to your email for a costume quote please this is something I do on the side on top of working full time.

Things I can do (See FB for my full range of skills):
Sewn Garments (My Specialty!)
Armor (Foam and Worbla)
3D Printed Accessories
Simple Leather Work
Resin Castings

Things I do not do:

I require a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit upfront to hold your slot and to begin purchasing materials. The remaining 50% is due a minimum of two weeks before the commission due date. I do payment plans! So you can pay off your commission over time up to the final due date. I accept Paypal only for all payments please, no exceptions. If you have any questions comment, message, or feel free to email me at [email][email protected][/email].

Costumes are shipped via priority mail and take 2 to 3 business days to arrive for the continental U.S.

#2 XxEveillexX on 1 year ago

Updated availability!

#3 XxEveillexX on 1 year ago

Availability updated!

#4 XxEveillexX on 1 year ago

Availability updated!

#5 XxEveillexX on 1 year ago

Availability updated! Have slots for Katsucon available!