Tsuyu Asui Makeup Tutorial!

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#1 hayleyhime on 2 years ago

[URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCorwafquj0&lc=z232erobwnfeev2qd04t1aokgzjvk4yszryhaehodsqgrk0h00410"]Tsuyu Makeup Tutorial Teaser Trailer is here![/URL]


Hi there everyone!

I've been trying to make more tutorials and videos for my Patrons and recently did a Tsuyu makeup tutorial! This video is a sort of teaser trailer, but shows a pretty accurate transformation between my normal self and my Froppy self! I hope you think it's kinda neat to see, and if it interests you feel free to check my Patreon out!! I've got all sorts of things planned for it, I'm excited to get started on them!


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