Pattern considerations: Pirate frock coat (Summoner's War - Galleon)

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#1 nathancarter on 2 years ago

I'm playing this ridiculous and addictive mobile game "Summoner's War" and considering a cosplay of one of my favorite characters, Galleon the pirate captain. Fortunately, it's a low-res, low-polygon character model, so I have a lot of flexibility.


Looking for advice for a pattern the long coat. I'm reasonably skilled at working with commercial patterns and can do some modifications to patterns, though I don't have decades of experience.

- Lapel and huge ridiculous standing collar. I can modify a small collar pattern into a big one, but I don't think I can add a collar to pattern that doesn't already have one.
- Slim, tailored fit at the waist, then flares out down to the ankle
- Turned-up, large pirate-y sleeve cuffs
- Full lining, since I'll be wearing it without a shirt. I may be able to add lining to a pattern that doesn't have it.
- I think I can design and add most of the embellishments myself (though any additional advice on those would be great too)

I've looked at the following:
[URL=""]McCall's M7003[/URL]: Way too boxy, no sleeve cuffs, and overall just not the right shape. I like it for other purposes though.

[URL=""]Simplicity 4923[/URL]: No collar or lapel, not tailored in at the waist. Single pleat in the back is good though. [URL=""]Here's[/URL] where someone made it

[URL=""]Simplicity 3677[/URL]: No collar or lapel, not tailored in at the waist. front seams aren't quite princess seams but are still kinda shaped for a laaaaaady

[URL=""]Simplicity 2333[/URL]: Wrong front closure, but I could modify this I think. Collar style is not quite right, not sure I could modify this. Back has two pleats, but I need one center pleat - but this isn't a deal-breaker. Comes with boot-cover pattern which is a big bonus.

[URL=""]Simplicity 1039[/URL]: Kinda close. I could probably make it work if I don't find anything better. Obviously I'd modify the drape in the front, and the sleeve cuffs aren't quite right. Bonus, I already own this pattern (unopened).

[URL=""]Vogue V8346[/URL]: I like the collar and lapel, the tuck in at the waist, and the length. Curved front (princess?) seam to fit a feminine shape, though - I don't think I'm skilled enough to modify this.

[URL=""]This one? [/URL]I like quite a bit, but I can't find any reference to any commercial pattern that was used as a base.

[URL=""]Or I just buy something like this[/URL], hack it apart, and make my own pattern.

Point me in the right direction, y'all.

#2 nathancarter on 2 years ago

Huh. Changing my search terms from pirate coats and frock coats, and instead searching for trench coat pattern, got me this which might work just fine. Fully lined, fitted at the waist.

I would still need to add the sleeve cuffs and a few other modifications.


#3 lunaflora on 2 years ago

Seems good to use the trench coat pattern. Drafting a lapel and collar into something that doesn't is possible, but then you're going into pattern drafting territory instead of just simple modification.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

Honestly, it's not even a frock coat. It's a basic as hell straight long coat with a vent in back. Yeah, the collar and cuffs are fancy but spoilers, collars and cuffs can be stolen wholesale from other patterns (or made up if you're good at design and drafting) rather than trying to find a pattern with all the features all at once.

I helped a client with the Yaya Han trenchcoat pattern and it's awful. Too many seams for the fit and the lapel is SUUUUPER wide. Honestly the Simplicity 2333 has the collar and lapel you want, so if you don't feel confident shaping the collar yourself (and who is, really - collars and I are not friends and I take them from whatever pattern I can find) then use that for the complex pieces and use literally any long coat pattern for the body. Any squared tunic pattern without princess seams will do, so long as it has a back seam to put in the vent.

The ripoff-Jack Sparrow is closer to an authentic 17th century Georgian coat than not. I used it for my pina colada coat - it has the shaped sleeves, the sloped shoulder, and the inset gores of a genuine Georgian frock. You don't want that unless you want a headache of epic proportions. The ripoff-Jack Skellington is a lot harder to modify than you think. I would strongly suggest not using it because you don't need a waist seam, and trying to reshape both the front and the back by eliminating that waist seam and the tails shape is going to cause deep hurting.

If you can find a copy of the out-of-print Matrix coat or anything similar, that'll be a fine base for the body. But the collar on S2333 is what you need for that. Not gonna lie. I make a lot of coats and I recognize all the shaping.

#5 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Personally I'd buy S2333 and M7374 and put the collar and cuffs from the first on the body of the second. It's the shortest route to what you want.

#6 nathancarter on 2 years ago

Thanks for all the advice! I do have the pattern for the Matrix trenchcoat - it came packed in a cosplay magazine a few months ago, and I had forgotten about it. If it's lined then it might be a good option too.

I'll do some more figuring-out and try to decide what I want to do. I don't have a deadline on this so I can take my sweet time.

#7 Respawning on 2 years ago

No advice, just wanted to say that I am also addicted to that game (playing the Tower of Ascension right now) and Galleon is a great character :P