Cosplay plans for 2016

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#1 SuperBee on 3 years ago

What are we planning to cosplay?

I will be bringing the gyarados with some major upgrades (I hope) and possibly another.... How about everyone else?

#2 AJ the Collector on 3 years ago

Hoping all goes well and I can cosplay Sans! If not, I still have Equius and Gamzee as my trusty backup plans.

#3 sugarybunny on 3 years ago

i was thinking jibril or shiro from no game no life, ranka lee from macross frontier and i havent decided on the third >w

#4 seiryuux on 3 years ago

I'm definitely going as Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) again since I had fun as him my first time at CB last year.

Second cosplay will hopefully be Johnny Gat (Saints Row), but that depends if the CB props staff allow a certain iconic Saints Row weapon into the con (currently waiting on a response).

Third cosplay, I haven't figured out yet. It's either gonna be one of my Persona cosplays or Guilty module/ACUTE song KAITO (Vocaloid).

EDIT: Whelp, no Johnny Gat. The props department didn't like the prop I wanted to bring. :(

#5 AJ the Collector on 3 years ago

I'll most likely be doing Gamzee again while I develop my costumes for Fan Expo and DTAC. Might be working on evolving the costume some more, working it into my "Wrong Lusus" AU where Gamzee got picked up by Pounce instead of Nepeta. :D

#6 seiryuux on 3 years ago

With all the Pokemon GO craze and the love I got for my "Bulbasaur plushie on my head" balancing act at the Toronto Centre Island picnic, I will also be going as Calem, the Pokemon X&Y male trainer.