Shuto-con 2017

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#1 ForestWarrior on 3 years ago

#2 Todd_Aster on 3 years ago

I'm going. Bring my Bad Ash Ketchum and possibly my Superboy

#3 Gilbert626 on 3 years ago

I'm going as well and I also can't decide on which cosplays to bring. I'm for sure doing Natsu from Fairy Tail for a group i'm in. I might do Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service or Asuna from Sword Art Online or Misty from Pokemon depending on how cold it is.

#4 MahouShoujoRei on 3 years ago

I'm going! I'm definitely going to be Maki for my Love Live group on Saturday. Not really sure other than that though.

#5 ForestWarrior on 3 years ago

Yay! Glad to see some people from here going!

Best wishes for getting everything ready on time!

#6 Lilly-chan on 2 years ago

Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you all my photos ([URL=""]Lilly's Art Photography[/URL]) in conjugation with [URL=""]Family of Moonlight[/URL] for the Sailor Moon Photoshoot- Fri at Lansing Convention Center in Lansing, MI.

Just a friendly reminder that all photos posted on Facebook are at low res. For moonies wanting their photos at a high res please contact Margaret Tyler via email [email][email protected][/email] with "Shuto Con 2017- Sailor Moon photoshoot photos" in the subject line.


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