Amy pond Vincent and the doctor coat and scarf

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#1 amypond89 on 5 years ago

Hello! I was wondering what a quote would be on a replica of Amy Ponds cost from Vincent and the Doctod? I'm dying to cosplay that episode. Also, her beautiful red scarf and gloves (if she wears them - can't remember right now, very tired!) thank you in advance!

#2 moosedoom on 5 years ago

you should definetely think about posting this in the marketplace in the section cosplays wanted. Also If you post a reference picture, people will be a lot more likely to send quotes your way. I would really like to do this, though, if its the costume I am thinking of. :P

#3 dizzymonochrome on 5 years ago

Amy's clothes are usually just things you find at the store. I don't think you need to commission it. It would probably be cheaper, and more fun for you, to go retail hunting. Try thrift stores and big box discount stores. It's just a red V-neck shirt, shorts, and a blue coat iirc. Amy's signature look was the shorts/miniskirt and boots.

#4 Dreamerwolf on 5 years ago

Possible helpful tips for putting together your outfit:

[url] vincent and the doctor[/url]
I've also seen nice scarfs made on