Getting fabric to stick up

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#1 Taia on 5 years ago

Hello! I am trying to make the pointy sleeve part of Couvert's costume to stick up like in the picture, but I'm not sure on how I should do it. I've read about using fabric stiffener and interfacing, but I'm new to its actual use. What do you think I should do?



#2 kuroi_shi on 5 years ago

I've done something kinda similar to that.. I used heat and bond, and the stiffest interfacing I could find.. I think it was called Buckram

#3 Ichigogami on 5 years ago

I would just use two layers of the fabric you plan to use for the top part and do a craft fuse center...Craft fuse has one fusible (iron activated) side and one regular side. I would cut out 2 identical pattern parts for one sleeve and one piece of craftfuse in the same shape, then before sewing together, determine which pattern of fabric would be the inside of the sleeve and fuse the interfacing to the "wrong" side, then put the "right sides" of the 2 pieces together, sew the outer edge that will be out past your shoulder and then the other edge will get tucked into your shoulder seam or your neck seam. this should help with stiffness