Youmacon (Detroit) 2014

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#1 Kaiser88 on 5 years ago

So, I plan on attending Youmacon out in Detroit this year with some friends. I've never been to Youmacon, even though I lived right next to Detroit for years. I was wondering if anyone has ever been or is planning on going this year in October. From what I hear it's pretty big, and the idea of walking around in Detroit dressed like a Nazi (I'll be going as Captain Hans, from Hellsing) would usually be a bad idea in Detroit, I'm expecting it won't matter in the large crowds out there.

So anyone have any info or experiences with Youmacon? Anything interesting to do or see? It sounds like fun. Also, since most people stay for the weekend, are their any after parties!!?!?!

#2 Danteisagenius on 5 years ago

Uh... I've been to Youmacon in 2012 and 2013, and it was pretty fun. I would love to tell you about the events and stuff, but unfortunately my family and I got lost and spent most of our time wandering around aimlessly. It was the best time I've spent being lost though. SO much fun (on both occasions). During the 2013 Youmacon, I did have the pleasure of meeting D.C. Douglas (the voice actor for Resident Evil's Albert Wesker) and that was such a memorable experience. I know there are a lot more things to do at Youmacon than just that (game rooms, panels, late night raves...ect.), but like I said, my family and I were kind of a bit lost and uncoordinated, sooooo.... I would say you could check out their site for more details, but last time I checked, I got that "Page Not Found" Error.

Anyways, you should certainly make it a point to check it out. It may not be the best con out there (so I've heard??), but it is definitely an awesome experience. Can't wait until Youma Time!!!!!

#3 Cameron1138 on 5 years ago

I've been twice. It was the first con I went to and still my favorite. I'd definitely recommend going.

#4 siyrean on 5 years ago

it's generally a good idea to not wear an actual swastika for Nazi cosplays. I can't remember if that character has one or not, but that's the only thing to be concerned about. it's not uncommon to see it changed to something else.

#5 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

I'm hoping to go this year, should finances allow for it xD. It would be my first time attending as well, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun. I figured it didn't seem right that I've lived in Michigan all my life and never attended xD. Actually...I've never even been to Lower Michigan ._.)''

But yeah, I second what siyrean said in regards to the costume...-nod-

#6 Kaiser88 on 5 years ago

He does have two small Swastikas, one on an eagle on his hat, and the other on an eagle on his left arm. But, they are tiny. Hm, I hate how sensitive people are to that stuff. It's not like I'm inviting the SS to build a concentration camp in Detroit.

#7 Mangochutney on 5 years ago

No, but it's waving around a reminder of institutionalized anti-Semitic, anti-gay, racist, you-name-it supermass megamurder, so set aside the urge to be so hardcore you don't give a damn about it and change it to something else.

#8 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

I'm not hating or anything, Hellsing Ultimate is one of my favorite series <3, but people are sensitive about it because it's a sensitive subject. As cosplayers, we don't want to give people a reason to...well...dislike us. Besides, nobody is saying that's what you're doing, but it's also not an invitation to do as one pleases.

That just reminds me of a case where a bunch of Germany (Hetalia) cosplayers, all did the Nazi was not only offensive, but insulting. It's wrong to say "It's okay because it's cosplay." because,'s not.

I don't mean to be a nag or anything...but when it comes to these kinds of things, it's always best to err on the side of caution. Besides, I'm sure there are plenty of perfectly reasonable alternatives. And you said they were small, so it wouldn't be glaringly obvious if you didn't put an actual swastika. ^-^)''

#9 sam vimes on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Kaiser88;4855293]Hm, I hate how sensitive people are to that stuff.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, heaven forbid you are mindful of history and respectful of other people.

#10 Hakaider on 5 years ago

[QUOTE] Hm, I hate how sensitive people are to that stuff. [/QUOTE]

Sensitive?!! Are you kidding? Does you even know what the Nazi symbol represented? Is wearing the Nazi Swastika just a big joke to you? I'm not talking about a fictional universe or a fantasy, but what the Nazis did, really DID happen just over 70 years ago. Under the Nazis & Adolph Hitler, millions of people were murdered, and they committed some of the worst & brutal atrocities in human history. (Over six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis, and that's not even including the other races that the Nazis saw as "inferior races.") Some of the concentration camp survivors & people who survived the Nazi regime are also still alive today. (And they still remember just how horrific it was.)

In fact, some conventions have already stated that wearing Nazi uniforms or the Nazi Swastika are banned at their cons. There are also many places in Europe today, where wearing a Nazi uniform in public is illegal. (One also takes the risk of getting beaten up in some of those places.)

#11 Syon on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Kaiser88;4855293]He does have two small Swastikas, one on an eagle on his hat, and the other on an eagle on his left arm. But, they are tiny. Hm, I hate how sensitive people are to that stuff. It's not like I'm inviting the SS to build a concentration camp in Detroit.[/QUOTE]

Then call my whole country sensitve. Wearing or using the Swastika is forbidden by law in Germany, I think you get a monetary fine for that.
Don't get me wrong, Hellsing is the only series of manga that made it complete to my bookshelf and I also watched 2-3 of the OVAs. I have no problem with the story of it, not even a bit. And my personal opinion is, that forbidding the symbol is senseless, because the opinions of people aren't tied to a symbol and stay within the minds of people anyway.
But I think its absolutly pathetic how badass you feel about dressing up as an uber evil Nazi character.

@Wonderer: That just reminds me of a case where a bunch of Germany (Hetalia) cosplayers, all did the Nazi was not only offensive, but insulting. It's wrong to say "It's okay because it's cosplay." because,'s not.

You might be suprised, but this actually offends me, as a German. I'm so sick and tired of people stigmatizising my country and I see such actions from Hetalia cosplayers as racist, because they are thinking that is how you represent this country right.

#12 Ranma344 on 5 years ago

Youmacon is actually the only Con I'm going to be able to attend this year, and this will be my triumphant return to Detroit. Youmacon is the first con I ever cosplayed at, it was coincidentally almost the last con I ever cosplayed at, after being made fun of quite a bit.

#13 Undertaker^^ on 5 years ago

I will be going ( Assuming i can get stuff ready in time ) and i have been to it a couple years so far...

Regardings the swastikas on his outfit... it is up to you if you wanna put em on it i mean in the end you would be the one who would have to deal with whatever feedback may come from it...

( Sad how something that meant pretty much "Good Fortune" changed to a sign of hate... )

well anyways as far as the con goes...

Ya got the gaming room ( never spent much time in it ) but it is pretty dang awesome and open the entire con...

you got the Op and End ceremonies which tend to be pretty fun

almost always have some form of anime playing somewhere

the building and general area between it and cobo is great ( though i would suggest making use of the ppl mover )

lets see what are some other random tid-bits

ah they will close the winter garden ( Glass area overlooking the river ) doors pretty early in the night so be ready to go through a diff entrance

umm yea... that is all i got at the moment ( forgive the lack of any grammar or just anything ) i reckon the being awake this early in the morning does not help much xD

#14 Kelley on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=sam vimes;4855299]Yeah, heaven forbid you are mindful of history and respectful of other people.[/QUOTE]

You mean some people won't like it if I dress up as someone who invokes the brutal murders of family members only 2-3 generations in the past ?!?!?! Or the fact that neonazis still very much exist and still hurt and kill people ? These people are still around and by wearing their symbol they are going to think you're supporting them - people walking around the convention might hold those racist+ beliefs and wearing that is like giving them a high-five while at the same time making many other people feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Yeah, some people with that family history don't care - but others are extremely triggered by it. Personally, I'm just disgusted by the attitude that anything is okay for cosplay. I have absolutely nothing against historical re-enactors who do what they do in a closed environment that everyone knows about beforehand (there's controversy over if it's still too soon or not - but at least they're not walking around in public and rubbing it in everyone's faces). But an anime convention is not the same and saying that because there is anime with those symbols in it that people should expect it is silly because there are also anime with things like child rape and murder in them - that doesn't mean you promote that on the convention floor, either.

While I don't see myself ever choosing a character like that in the first place I would probably change the swastikas to "X" or "NO" or something to indicate that I'm very much opposed to what they represent in what is clearly a Nazi context.

I'm normally the biggest advocate for "do what you want, fuck everyone else" - but those situations are when people are afraid to do a costume because they think people who are sexist or homophobic or racist will be mean to them - this situation is really the opposite, where you are the one being rude and you are absolutely going to make other convention-goers feel unsafe. Why would you be so selfish as to ruin someone else's convention experience and remind them of their family's murder and their own very real fear just because you can't figure out how to paint or applique an "X" instead ? That's just being a turd and it can be easily avoided - so easily avoid it.

I would stay the hell away from anyone who decided it would be a great idea to wear a Nazi swastika in public. It doesn't matter if they're a neonazi or not - they're still a gigantic dumbass and who wants to deal with a gigantic self-important dumbass ?

#15 siyrean on 5 years ago

yeah... now you see why I said it's generally not a good idea. heh