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#1 bahamutknight on 6 years ago

Despite the difficulties that arose with the unexpected large turnout, 2013's Marvel/DC Gathering managed to turn out pretty well and might be setting up for a big showing for 2014. I'm proud to announce that the gathering will be back for 2014, so for those of you that are a little new to this, any incarnation of Marvel or DC character, be it based on their appearance from the comics/video games/TV shows/movies are all welcome here. Hope to see all those from 2013 return and welcome all newcomers for 2014.

Taking some things from 2013 into perspective, with how much the gathering has grown since the inception back in 2011, there is a need for a kind volunteer or two to help assist me with running the gathering. Also, there is some consideration of moving the gathering time (maybe 2pm? maybe earlier?) and location change as well (don't know the new specs/layout of the convention center redesign yet, so a tentative choice might be the park area that the Homestuck gathering used due to size).

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday
Time: 2pm (moved the start time back to allow people to grab lunch and make it in time if they get stuck in a line)
MP&L: G9 ( been told that this area will be large enough for a group our size)

List of attending

[U]Marvel Universe[/U]
CountMetal - Bruce Banner *via Fanime forum*
Eliteslayer - Agent Coulson *via Fanime forum*
Thatonepuppetpal - Melinda May (Agents of SHIELD version) *via Fanime forum*
EJAY420 - Spider-Ham *via Fanime forum*
Jesse Uppercut - Wolverine (original comic version) *via Fanime forum*
demetria656 - Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan version) or Wiccan (Young Avengers version) * via Fanime forum*
thereisnodanaonlyzuul's BF - Noh-Varr (Young Avengers version) *via Fanime forum*
Asher9000 - Kid Loki *via Fanime forum*
Asher9000's son - Thor *via Fanime forum*

[U]DC Universe[/U]
Bahamuknightzero - Power Girl *via Fanime forum*
DrTights - Deathstroke
oshimayuko - Starfire
ICosplayNeji - Red Robin (Undernet suit version) *via Fanime forum*
Gravitiger - Superboy (Jeans/T-Shirt version) *via Fanime forum*
MinoDs - Robin (Young Justice version) or Impulse *via Fanime forum*
Pirate-Sacry - Harley Quinn (Mad Love version) *via Fanime forum*
Pirate-Sacry's BF - Joker *via Fanime forum*
grove_c - Power Girl (DC Bombshell version) *via Fanime forum*
michibeloved - Harley Quinn (Ame-Comi version) *via Fanime forum*
vixentail - Batgirl (Stephanie Brown version) *via Fanime forum*
Tearatone - Scarecrow
Zekke - Black Mask *via Fanime forum*
thereisnodanaonlyzuul - Bluebird (Harper Row version) *via Fanime forum*
jobiberry - Harley Quinn (DC Bombshells version) *via Fanime forum*
luffy77 - Night Owl II or Superman (Action Comics New 52 Grant Morrison version) *via Fanime forum*

[U]Undecided/Maybe Universe[/U]
Chesid - Boom-Boom (New Mutants version) *via Fanime forum*
Chesid's BF - Blue Beetle (Ted Kord version) *via Fanime forum*
stitchez - Tony Stark (Avengers movie version) or Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes version) *via Fanime forum*
Mizuko_Arashimoto - Shadowcat *via Fanime forum*

INITIAL UPDATE (7/15/13): Recycling the topic for the 2014 gathering. Cleared the information to present a clean slate sort to speak and should be good to go to get things rolling for next year's gathering. Added a little more info to give a bit of an idea of what new things for 2014 (gathering assistants, new location, maybe new time?)

UPDATE (4/18/14): Updating list

#2 DrTights on 6 years ago

Yes!!! Can't wait! Going to wear Deathstroke again. Hanging with all the deadpools was hilarious last year.

#3 oshimayuko on 6 years ago

I'll be coming as Starfire!

#4 bahamutknight on 6 years ago

Updated gathering list and info

#5 bahamutknight on 6 years ago

Gathering list has been updated

#6 bahamutknight on 6 years ago

Gathering list is updated, we're a little under two months to go everyone

#7 Tearatone on 6 years ago

If it stays scheduled for Saturday then there is a good chance I can make it. Count me in as Scarecrow from the Batman series.

#8 bahamutknight on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Tearatone;4850562]If it stays scheduled for Saturday then there is a good chance I can make it. Count me in as Scarecrow from the Batman series.[/QUOTE]

It'll be on Saturday for sure (due to the size of the gathering last year, we managed to get some priority in selecting the day/time/location)

#9 bahamutknight on 6 years ago

Gathering list has been updated