Fanime 2014: Photos/Con Reports/Videos/Etc

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 6 years ago

This thread is for posting any convention reports, photo galleries and video coverage from Fanime 2014!

Please note there is a separate thread for requesting photos people took of YOU at the convention, if you have any inquiries related to that, please be sure to post in the other thread, located here:



#2 g00dapple on 6 years ago

Here is the link to where our photographs are being uploaded. As of 5/26/14 we are still editing photographs and will be throughout the week. Be sure to check back!!


#3 dvt on 6 years ago



#4 blackjack102 on 6 years ago

The video is here


Second video


#5 DefectiveNaruto on 6 years ago

Our photos are now live! There be more to added this week from the other photographers that covered fanime, so I keep updating this post.

Also be on the look out for videos, podcasts, and a con report very soon!


Fanime 2014-Swimsuit Cosplay Contest

Fanime -Cosplay Wrestling Federation Panel

Fanime 2014-Stage Zero Opening Ceremonies

Fanime 2014-Masquerade

Fanime 2014-Skullgirls Encore Tournament

#6 Xeia DeVertrude on 6 years ago

Here are the pictures I took at Fanime, feel free to tag yourself.

#7 OniCourseMusha on 6 years ago

Here's my gallery!


#8 Obiwanivan on 6 years ago

Here are my pics enjoy!


#9 CountMetal on 6 years ago

Fanime 2014 Video Playlist: [URL=""][/URL]

Fanime 2014 Pictures: [URL=""][/URL]

Feel free to tag yourself as well as liking my Facebook page :)

#10 Toni the Mink on 6 years ago


Tag, share, like, do what you wish

#11 klmedia on 6 years ago

Had a great time at Fanime. Very nice variety of cosplay :)

I've finished posting the casual cosplay snapshots on my Facebook page.

You have to log in to see all the updates.

The photoshoots will be posted throughout the next week and a half.

Fanime 2014 - Various Cosplay

Fanime 2014 - Various Cosplay II

Fanime 2014 - Various Cosplay III

Enjoy the photos.

#12 Spike123 on 6 years ago

Presenting, FanimeCon 2014 - Cosplay Music Video (part 2)
A Project Cosplay Production.


Join Project Cosplay!

Cosplay pictures at:

#13 Shutterfoo on 6 years ago

Just a handful of shots:

#14 Mirai Noah on 6 years ago

Links to my galleries are located in my post [url=]here[/url]. I didn't take very many photos this year, sadly.

#15 Av4rice on 6 years ago

Mine from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: