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#1 trav421 on 5 years ago

This weekend at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I did my first scheduled photo shoot and I'd like to get some feedback from ya'll.




Thank you in advance for the feedback.

#2 builder396 on 5 years ago

which one are you? or do you want feedback on both cosplays?

Either way, I dont see anything in particular wrong with these pictures.

#3 trav421 on 5 years ago

Sorry, I was the one taking the pictures.

#4 StarsOfCassiopeia on 5 years ago

The first one's my personal favorite-- both cosplayers are showing interesting emotions, and the composition tells a story, in that it looks like the female is sneaking up on the male. The red light also works very well with the colors in the costume, and the overall feel of TF2.

I'd be curious to see more from this shoot.

#5 trav421 on 5 years ago

Thank you for the feedback.

Here is the set from this shoot:


#6 StarsOfCassiopeia on 5 years ago

The only big suggestion I have is that you might want to try asking the cosplayers to change their facial expressions-- the Medic seems to have an innocent smile in all but the one "sneaking up" photo, and the Soldier has that grumpy face in every shot. Those expressions work really well in some shots, but it's always good to add variety!

I know as a cosplayer, I have a couple of facial expressions I default to when I'm not given a specific direction to take for the shot. Even making one little suggestion is enough to help make my expression more interesting!

#7 trav421 on 5 years ago

Thanks again. I've been working on my direction giving skills. My next shoot should have more variety and better poses.

#8 ~Curiosity~ on 5 years ago

It looks pretty great! The lighting looks lovely and complements the cosplays! Could you post a few more pics?

#9 trav421 on 5 years ago

Thank you for the feedback. Here is the rest of the set from that session.


I haven't done any other scheduled, private shoots so, here are the hallway shots I took at the event (Tampa Bay Comic Con).