Dressing up just like an anime character

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#1 Yozora91 on 6 years ago

I wanted to know if there was an online store? where I can buy like normal anime clothing not cosplaying outfits like sword art online, sailor moon, hatsune miku etc....you know what I mean ill save those for conventions and other events. I want to dress up like an anime character with the skirts, knee-high socks, you know that kind of stuff. :) I already tried yesstyle.com but I found it tooo formal. I'm 22 years old, 5'2 im looking more into the junior type :wave::wave:

#2 Otaku Gunso on 6 years ago

well there's plenty of casual cosplay out there. I know cosplaying Jounouchi is fairly an easy task with just a pair of jeans and a shirt and wig :P I guess some stuff is just easier to put together and what not. I used to wanna do casual cosplay for the sake of being able to walk outside and stuff but nowadays I just stick with more elaborate pieces. Though My duel academy jackets can be worn out in public and about 2 weeks before animeNEXT I cosplayed Judai for kicks :D

#3 AgentTexas on 6 years ago

You mean like the school uniforms or just anime girl style clothing..? This is a very odd post. If you want knee high socks, buy knee high socks, piece together an outfit...

There's pleated skirts you can buy online that aren't specifically for anime...

#4 Magyarita on 6 years ago

There are stores that sell generic Japanese-style school uniforms that don't belong to any specific anime.

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